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Moss growing on a roof is a very common homeowner problem, but why is it growing there? If you’ve found yourself trying to solve this issue, we’ll be covering the reasoning behind why it’s there and how to stop it before it causes serious damage down the road. Why is it growing? Great question! You wouldn’t think something could necessarily grow on something like a roof, but we’ve all seen it and once it starts it can be tricky to stop. Moss starts developing because of moisture issues. It’s a sort of fungus that spreads across and inside the shingles of your roof. It’s highly absorbent and with every rainstorm that blows through it only gathers more strength to keep growing where it shouldn’t. When moss is growing in between your shingles and the underlayment material, you’re looking at potentially serious roof damage once it’s removed. How can you stop it? To prevent moss from growing further along your roof, you can always try removing it by gently spraying a mixture of vinegar, citrus or tomato juice to kill the fungus. Of course, you’ll want to be very careful not to damage the shingles underneath as best as you can, so don’t be too harsh when you’re removing the moss. Once you’ve successfully removed the moss from your roof, you’ll want to be sure to keep it away. If there’s not widespread damage, you can typically remove the moss and keep it gone. To do this, make sure to trim back any limbs that are overhanging your roof keeping the sun from shining to dry up any future moisture from rain or snow. Also, be sure to check to make sure your gutters are cleared to help with heavy rainfall and water collection during storm season. That way, you’ll at least be helping to guide the water away from your roof to prevent further growth of any moss. If you think there’s too much moss for general removal yourself or there are damaged shingles causing roof leaks, give our trusted team at Thomas Roofing a call at 501-804-6934. We’ll get you a FREE quote and get your roofing needs taken care of.


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