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Specializing in Church & Apartment Complexes

Thomas Roofing specializes in commercial roofing shingle jobs on buildings like apartment complexes and churches. While most apartments have the same shingles as a normal house and the process to install them is basically the same, the main difference is with a home we will be dealing with one homeowner whereas in an apartment we could be dealing with 100.
We take extra caution to clean up debris, tape off parking lots, and arrange for cars to be moved in order to gain access to necessary buildings. If we have to make extra arrangements for the materials to be delivered and stored until the roof can be installed, we have the required experience to make this easy and painless. Getting a new commercial roof doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Thomas Roofing and Restoration makes getting those new shingles on quick and easy!
Churches require a similar process but we always try and schedule the projects to be done outside of service hours, and we always offer a 10% discount to our church customers.

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