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Common Questions

Q. Do you have appropriate license and insurance?

A. Yes. We are a licensed Arkansas contractor and fully insured with workers comp and general liability coverage for your protection. We’re not a fly by night roofing company. We’re a locally owned and operated (and licensed) team!

Q. I have an estimate from my adjustor and it is confusing. Can you help?

A. Yes. We deal with insurance estimates all the time and we understand they can be confusing we can help make sense of them. As a choice roofing company, we want this process to be as easy for you as possible!

Q. I have landscaping and lawn furniture. Will it be protected and do I need to move my furniture?

A. Yes. We will cover what cannot be moved and move what can be however we do ask that you handle anything the might be of particular value or importance.

Q. Do I need to take off work or be at home during this process?

A. No, but it would be helpful if you can have access to your phone or email in case we have questions or need to get approval for change orders. You shouldn’t need to be at home babysitting your roofing company.

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