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Replacing your roof is simple when you hire Thomas Roofing & Restoration

Most of our customers at Thomas Roofing are homeowners that have busy lives and never give a second thought to their roof until it gives them trouble. When something does go wrong, they really don’t know what to do. Luckily, at Thomas Roofing we have residential roofing down to a science.

The first thing we’ll do is inspect the roof to find the point of failure and decide if that failure was the result of storm damage, poor roof design, or simply old age. Once we determine the cause, we will decide whether you need a repair or an entirely new roof. In the case of storm damage, we will assist you with contacting your insurance to determine coverage.

After we determine who will be covering the repair or replacement you will pick out your new roof and from there the process becomes easy for you. You don’t even need to be home when our residential roofing crews get started. Our efficient team will come in and lay tarps to protect your landscaping, then tear off the old roof and determine if any wood needs to be replaced or if any new flashing work needs to be done.

Next, we will install a new underlayment then move right on to adding the new shingles. Once the roof is installed we will roll up the tarps and do a thorough cleaning and sweep with a magnet to remove as many stray nails as possible. After the work has been completed and inspected we will issue an invoice and you can begin to enjoy your new roof. See? We told you we had residential roofing down to a science. Contact Thomas Roofing today!

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