• Shelby McFarland


We have all heard our parents say “I provide the roof over your head, right?!” As a child, an eye roll followed that saying, but as an adult, it is a reality we all have to face. The roof over our head protects our families from the dangers of mother nature. At Thomas Roofing, we want you to be covered. Read these warning signs below; if you think your roof is aging, give us a call for a no obligation/ free inspection!

– Do you see damage to shingles? This could be missing shingles, broken or torn shingles. Leaving bald areas on shingles are a danger, as they can allow moisture into the next layer of your roof.

– Have you visited your attic lately? If your roof is leaking, that will be the first place it goes. The sooner you can stop it, the better it is for the rest of your house!

– We live in Arkansas but this Winter has not been nice to us. Ice build up is a concern in an aging roof. If the ice builds up, it will turn into a leak into your attic as mentioned above. 

– Have you notice mold? Mildew? Paint deteriorating? These are signs of poor ventilation in your attic because of your aged roof. 

– Lastly, high utility bills are a huge warning sign of an aging roof. 

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