• Shelby McFarland


Flashing” is a common term you’ll most often hear when it comes to roofing damage or repairs, especially on home inspection reports. It can be confusing trying to keep the different roofing terms straight and to know what matters most when it comes to functionality of the roof over your head. But, that’s exactly why we’re here to explain exactly what flashing is and why it matters for your roof. 

“Flashing” is a roofing material that is used to cover the vulnerable joints in your roof. It’s a layer of added protection to help keep water from getting into areas like valleys or dips in your home or near the pipes of your chimney that could cause serious water damage if leaks occur. You’ll see the flashing most commonly made of aluminum or steel materials as they need to be very durable and tough to withstand wind, rain, and moisture throughout their working life as the seasons change. They can deteriorate over the years which is where you’re going to see recommendations to repair them to avoid any roof leaks to vulnerable areas of your home that water is most certainly not supposed to make its way into. The good news is this is usually a cheaper fix and certainly doesn’t always require an entire roofing replacement.

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