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Do you remember the storm that blew through Arkansas last year with record-setting hail damage? We’re no stranger to storms here in the south and unfortunately, storm season is upon us. One thing that we’re sure of around the Thomas Roofing Headquarters is that spring season means hail season. But, we’ve got good news! Hail damage is one of our many roofing specialties. If you find yourself wondering if hail damage has caused serious wear and tear to your roof, trust Thomas Roofing to get your shingles inspected and make sure there is no damage leading to future leaks and water intrusion to your home. We know that from half dollar sized hail all the way up to tennis ball-sized hail, you’re looking at some form of damage to your roof that will most likely need some form of repair either now or in the future.

It’s important to understand that hail damage can be functional, cosmetic, or both. Broken edges around your roof, bruising from the hail to your shingles, punctures, and even granule loss can cause you serious issues, despite the fact that they seem to be minor damage to the naked eye.

If you think your roof may have experienced hail damage from a strong wind storm that just blew through, the best thing you can do is to call our team at Thomas Roofing to come out for an inspection. We’ll give you our best trained professional opinion on what the repairs might be and how to move forward to best protect your biggest investment, your home.

For all of your roofing and home renovation needs across Central Arkansas, give Thomas Roofing a call today at 501-804-6934.

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