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Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coatings can help maximize your old commercial roof and extend the life by 10, 15, or even 20 years. We offer the best solutions to our customers to maximize there return on investment!

Reasons to have a Commercial Roof Coating completed:
  1. Extend a roof's life: Coatings can help extend the life of an existing roof membrane by protecting it from harmful UV rays that threaten to degrade it. Roof coating for UV and weather protection can potentially extend a roof's life for 10 years or more. Performance varies by coating type and film thickness, as well as roof conditions.

  2. Improve aesthetic appeal: A newly applied commercial roof coating provides a clean, seamless appearance that can boost your property's aesthetic and curb appeal while protecting the underlying roof system.

  3. Potential savings on cooling costs: A dark roof can reach temperatures of more than 150°F. A white roof offers more reflectivity and could help drop surface temperatures by 50°F or more. Installing a white reflective roof coating on a commercial building can potentially provide savings on building cooling costs. (That said, energy cost savings are not guaranteed and the amount of savings may vary based on climate zone, utility rates, radiative properties of roofing products, insulation levels, HVAC equipment efficiency and other factors.)

  4. Keep costs down: Coating a structurally sound roof can be more affordable than reroofing. Ahead of a property sale, coatings can help boost aesthetics without requiring owners to invest in an entire reroof.

  5. Simplify a complicated or inconvenient upgrade: Coatings can eliminate the logistical challenges of reroofing where there are numerous roof penetrations or significant equipment on the roof—such as air-conditioning systems—that would make reroofing difficult or cumbersome. Coating can also help you avoid inconveniencing building tenants during installation. Unlike many roof tear-offs, coating applications don't require tenants to relocate while the work is carried out or inconvenience them with noise, dust, and other issues that may affect their business productivity and comfort. These projects also avoid the risk of exposing the roof deck during a tear-off.

  6. Promote comfort: A coating can help improve comfort inside of a building—especially for spaces that aren't air-conditioned. Reflective roof coatings reflect infrared and ultraviolet radiation. This can help keep building temperatures lower during warmer months.

  7. Reduce waste: By preserving or restoring an existing roof, and extending time between full roof replacements, coatings can help prevent some of the waste associated with tear offs

  8. Fight urban heat islands: White reflective commercial roof coatings can help mitigate urban heat islands by reflecting more sunlight and keeping buildings cooler. A clean white roof will relect more sunlight than darker roofs and stay about 55°F cooler.

Information above obtained from GAF Commercial Coating Supplier.

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