• Shelby McFarland


Updated: Sep 1

We often hear from our customers they’re not sure how long it’s been since their roof was replaced so they’re not sure how much life it has left in it before it starts to fail.

While each roof life is different depending on the weather conditions and environment that surrounds it may be, we can give you a general idea of how long a roof is expected to last in typical circumstances.

Your most common asphalt roof should last somewhere around 15 years. At most some asphalt roofs can last up to 30 years. This of course will vary, like we mentioned above on the weather elements it had to undergo throughout the years and repair work as needed along the way. Most warranties from insurance typically cover a roof for anywhere up to 25 years. Of course, some are significantly less, so if you’re unsure of what your coverage is, be sure to contact your insurance company to verify.

Architectural shingles are most known to have the longest life span of typical roofing materials. They’re made to last upwards of 30 years. While the upfront cost is more on architectural roofs, they definitely pay for themselves with their long and functional life spans.

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